Food and Beverage

Food and Beverage

Holten Meats, Inc., Sauget, IL.

PE prepared a Spill Prevention Countermeasures Control (SPCC) Plan for Holten Meats, Inc., pursuant to 40 CFR 112. The plan covered the Holten Meat, Inc. owned and operated facility which stores animal fats, cooking oil, hydraulic oil, diesel, waste oil, and other oils or oil products, and has been prepared in order to ensure that the proper spill control procedures and precautions are provided to prevent or, if necessary, mitigate the discharge of oil from the facility. The Holten Meat, Inc. facility was required to implement an SPCC Plan because the aboveground aggregate storage capacity of the facility was more than 1,320 gallons of oil, and due to its proximity to the Mississippi River, several small creeks, and wetlands, it could be reasonably expected to discharge oil in quantities that could be environmentally harmful to said waterways.

Coca-Cola Nationwide.

PE provided UST/AST and Phase I ESA services to Coca-Cola throughout the United States, most recently in Florida, Missouri, Washington, and Maryland. UST services provided by PE to date include regulatory interaction and permitting, tank removals, geophysical surveying, historical record searches, soil sampling and testing, and closure reporting.

Bayer Corporation, Shawnee Wetlands, Kansas.

PE performed a Wetland Investigation/Delineation and Permit 39 Pre-Construction Notification for Bayer Corporation and filed it on their behalf with USACE. The property was a 23-acre parcel located in Shawnee, Kansas.