Clayton School District.

PE provides comprehensive environmental consulting services to the Clayton (MO) School District, including AHERA compliance consulting services. PE’s staff manages the school district’s AHERA inspections/re-inspection program at 10 elementary schools, the middle school and high school within the district.

The school district executed a capital construction program, which included the renovation of the high school and the demolition and new construction of a middle school. PE’s staff conducted the AHERA surveys for each facility, prepared the environmental work plans, prepared the engineering estimates and conducted the third party air monitoring services and clearance testing to prepare the buildings for renovation/demolition. PE documented all asbestos abatement and site activities in compliance with AHERA regulations. In addition, PE staff responded to a full range of environmental issues from indoor air quality complaints and mold air sampling to conducting public forums addressing environmental issues with concerned employees and parents.

East St. Louis School District 189, East St. Louis, MO.

PE provided environmental consulting services to School District 189 as part of a brownfield assessment and cleanup grant received by the State. PE provided asbestos and lead-based paint (LBP) consulting services, Phase I environmental assessments (ESA) for new property acquisitions in accordance with ASTM standards, boring investigations, underground storage tank consulting services, remedial design & contractor oversight, indoor air quality surveys and mold investigations. PE’s staff managed the school districts asbestos AHERA inspections/re-inspection program in accordance with the Illinois Department of Public Health for over 26 schools within the district. The school district had an aggressive new school construction program, including the demolition and replacement of six schools. PE conducted the predemolition surveys, prepared the environmental work plans, engineering estimates, and performed third-party air monitoring to prepare buildings for demolition. New school construction involved Phase I, II and III ESAs, providing engineering design and cost estimates for any required remedial action, coordinating all activities with district representatives, and providing third-party contractor oversight as the properties were prepared for new school construction.

Cardinal Ritter High School, St. Louis, MO.

PE provided pre-demolition surveys of asbestos-containing material (ACM) and household hazardous waste (HHW) on over 28 residential/commercial buildings and development of abatement programs to sufficiently prepare the buildings for demolition. The 28 buildings covered a two square-block area designated for redevelopment as the site of the new Cardinal Ritter High School. PE provided third party contractor oversight of the remediation activities of all friable ACMs to be removed prior to demolition in compliance with the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) NESHAP and RCRA regulations including project notifications, packaging, transport, labeling, disposal and manifesting requirements of all ACM’s and HHW’s within the buildings.

Missouri University of Science & Technology (MS&T) (Rolla, MO).

PE has worked with MS&T on dozens of renovation projects. PE completed hazardous materials surveys and condition assessments, collected ACM samples, completed a report of findings, and developed an engineering estimate for ACM and/or lead abatement for Altman Hall, Farrar Hall, McAerney Hall, Holtman Hall, Rayl Cafeteria, and Bullman Multi-purpose Center. PE completed sampling and characterization of fume hoods at McNutt Hall. PE completed engineering specifications and design plans for the remediation of McNutt Hall Rooms 244 and 248, Bullman, Altman Hall, and McNutt Hall Laboratory. PE performed the review of contractor bids and third party oversight, including clearance sampling and closeout reporting, at Rayl Cafeteria, Altman Hall, McNutt Hall and Bullman. PE performed asbestos and lead inspections at the on-campus apartment complex, wrote the design specs and developed drawings for the abatement, and performed oversight of the abatement of these buildings prior to demolition.

Washington University in St. Louis (Wash U) (St. Louis, MO).

PE has assisted Wash U on various renovation and demolition projects across the campus since 2011, including the Computer Lab Relocation at Urbauer Hall (Second Floor), Crow Hall – Henrickson Lab Renovation, Steinberg Gallery Abatement, Steinberg Hall Inspection, and ACM and Lead Surveys at Urbauer Hall Rooms 14, 16, and 17. Activities have included ACM and lead surveys, inventory of hazardous materials (mercury switches, fluorescent lights, ballasts), ACM and LBP samples, X-Ray Fluorescence analyzing, reporting, and preparation of abatement estimates. At Steinberg Gallery, PE prepared the bid package for the abatement contractors, including all bid documents, the environmental specifications, and the design drawings. PE reviewed contractor bids and performed oversight of the abatement activities, including providing air monitoring and clearance sampling.

Spelman College, Atlanta, GA.

PE evaluated the existing SPCC Plan for Spellman College. PE personnel visited the site to examine the new construction to determine if the activity would warrant an amendment to the existing SPCC Plan. PE’s report of findings verified that no change wasnecessary.

Park Elementary School, Illinois.

PE assessed and remediated a site in East St. Louis that was being demolished for a new school to be built on the property. The site consisted of fill material from local industrial sources, which consisted of fine-grained cinders with elevated concentrations of arsenic, lead, and various PAH compounds. Remediation consisted of surgical excavations to remove the fill, confirmation soil sampling, and backfilling to pre-existing grade.