Kansas City Southern Railroad

Professional Environmental Engineers, Inc. (PE) has performed various projects for Kansas City Southern Railroad over the last 2 years, including completing a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment for a recently purchased former automotive repair property located in Vicksburg, Mississippi, which identified two Recognized Environmental Conditions, including an on-site UST and an adjoining historic gas station. Subsequently, PE performed a Phase II ESA at the same site, which included collecting soil and groundwater samples for standard Mississippi petroleum parameters.

Lambert-St. Louis International Airport, On-Call Environmental Response Contract.

PE has been providing emergency and rapid response activities for the to the Lambert - St. Louis International Airport since 1999, including providing a 24-hour on-call Hotline to the Airport personnel for access to a Response Manager with a 1- hour response time. PE has performed critical time responses to Airport spills in waterways and jet fuel spills, emergency indoor air quality services, asbestos/mold decontamination services, and quick turnaround air/water/soil sampling services and consulting services for sensitive environmental issues. PE responders are security badged and crossed trained in variety of hazardous materials disciplines to provide comprehensive response services.

Lambert-St. Louis International Airport (NPDES), Bridgeton, MO.

PE is currently working on the third contract with the Lambert-St. Louis International Airport (Airport) (the first one began in 1999) to provide all of the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) storm water compliance sampling, testing, and reporting for the Airport. As required by the Clean Water Act, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (MDNR) issued the Airport a NPDES permit which requires monthly monitoring and inspections of Airport operations that may have a potential to impact storm water. Throughout all three contracts, PE personnel have collected storm water samples from each outfall that exists on the Airport property, including several between active runways. Samples were/are collected for a wide variety of analytes, including BOD, COD, dissolved oxygen, total suspended solids, pH, nitrates/nitrogen, ethylbenzene, oil and grease, ethylene glycol, and total chlorides testing. In accordance with the NPDES permitting requirements, PE conducts storm water sampling typically within the first 60 minutes of discharge, following significant storms.

Boyle Wetlands.

PE performed a Wetland Investigation/Delineation along a 3-mile Union Pacific Railroad right-of-way near Royalton, Illinois. Scope of work included GPS surveying and AutoCAD drawing of delineated wetlands along with a final report.

Confidential Client, Transportation Emergency Spill Response, St. Louis, MO.

PE provided critical time emergency response for a transportation tank spill at a major interstate in the St. Louis area. PE responders provided a 45 minute response me and contained the spill. After initial containment, PE personnel mobilized equipment and excavated 60 cubic yards of contaminated soil, provided clearance soil sampling, and coordinated all response efforts with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. PE provided all waste characterization and disposal of contaminated soils generated from the spill.