Ameren – Environmental Emergency Services Contract, Missouri and Illinois.

PE has current contract with Ameren to provide the following: “Environmental Services On An As-Needed Basis to Mitigate Hazardous Conditions.” The scope of the contract includes investigation and remedial construction services, including site assessment, media sampling and onsite testing, containment, treatment, decontamination, recovery, remediation, and restoration activities. Through this contract vehicle, PE has provided spill response services at multiple sites in Missouri and Illinois. Spills have ranged from transformer spills to hydraulic fluid spills. Execution has ranged from 2 hours to 12 hours per the size of the spill. Work performed at the spills to date includes site reconnaissance, air monitoring, oil removal, soil removal, brush and tree removal, soil and oil testing for PCBs, site restoration, and waste profiling and disposal. PE has completed over 25 spill responses.

Ameren – Paint Abatement at the Watson Truck Shelter, St. Louis, MO.

PE completed the lead abatement of the Watson Truck Shelter, which maintains an overhead canopy consisting of approximately 185’ long x 50’ wide. PE conducted a site visit to review site conditions and help Ameren determine the scope of services related to the abatement of the lead based paint. In order to prevent future dispersal of lead based paint into the environment, PE decontaminated the floors within the canopy, removed loose exterior lead based paint flush to the substrate, and repainted all surface areas to achieve abatement of the existing LBP’s.

Ameren – Soil Investigation in Charleston. IL.

PE completed a soil investigation that consisted of the drilling and sampling from five borings at an Ameren substation in Charleston, Illinois to determine the nature and extent of contamination. PE drilled borings to 12 feet, collected and analyzed soil samples for VOCs, PCBs, and herbicides, compiled the data, compared the results to the Illinois Tiered Approach to Corrective Action Objectives (TACO), and prepared a report of findings to facilitate transfer of the property to the local university.

Ameren – Phase I Environmental Site Assessment, North County St. Louis, MO.

PE completed a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment in accordance with ASTM Standard E1527-13. As part of the Phase I, PE reviewed historical and regulatory records, performed site and area reconnaissance, conducted interviews, reviewed data gaps, and compiled the results and prepared/submitted the report.

Ameren – Soil and Groundwater Assessment, Property in East St. Louis, IL.

PE completed the investigation of a formerly used property in East St. Louis, Illinois. PE’s field activities consisted of the excavation of trenches, the drilling of soil borings, the installation of temporary piezometers, the collection and analyses of soil samples from the trenches and borings, and the collection and analyses of groundwater samples from the piezometers. PE’s reporting activities consisted of the compilation and screening of analytical results, the completion of trench and boring logs, and the presentation of findings in a letter report.

Ameren - Phase II Environmental Site Assessments, Multiple Properties, Missouri and Illinois.

PE has completed investigations of mutliple properties across the Bi-State area. The investigations have included geophysical investigators, soil boring drilling and sampling, monitoring well installations, groundwater sampling, and reporting.

Ameren – Safety Audits, Field Crews, St. Louis, MO.

PE performs field safety audits on crews during vault ceiling replacements. The crew is consulted to discuss activities being conducted, hazards associated, and precautions implements. PE’s safety technician reports observed deficiencies and corresponding corrective actions to the client.

Ameren – Lead Based Paint Abatement, Rivermines Operating Center, Park Hills, MO.

PE completed the removal and disposal of lead based paint from the operating center under an abbreviated budget and expedited work schedule. Multiple crews worked in two bays to sand blast the LBP from the painted surfaces, containerized the residuals, test/profile/dispose of the residual material, and repaint the impacted surfaces for re use.

Nicor Gas/AGL – Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP) Site Remediation, Bloomington, IL.

PE is performing various environmental support activities as part of overall site remediation activities at an MGP site in central Illinois. PE’s tasks have included drilling and piping support, as well as extensive air monitoring (inclusive of equipment calibration, maintenance, and replacement and data logging) throughout excavation activities.

Energy Transfer Corporation, Pipeline Construction, Iowa.

PE was contracted to provide environmental assessment and permitting activities associated with the construction of a new 30-inch pipeline across multiple states to transport crude oil. PE performed wetland/waterbody delineations along the Iowa section of the pipeline, a 342-mile corridor that runs from northwest Iowa to southeast Iowa.